Video Fridays: Miss You

As folks who visit me frequently (Have I told you how much I love you, lately?) know, I’ve been mentioning the band I’m in a lot lately, particularly in Video Fridays installments related to songs we’re working on (The Mighty Quinn, Gimme Three Steps), and, if you’ll indulge me, I’ve got another one today.

I’ve written once before of my love of The Rolling Stones‘ 1978 classic album Some Girls, so I’ll try not to retread too much here. Suffice to say, it was an integral part of the soundtrack to my coming of age.

It’s probably pretty obvious, then, how incredibly excited I am that the band and I have been working on the delicious funky disco-esque hit Miss You, and that we’ll be debuting it at our next gig two weeks from today.

This song fills me with nostalgia and a longing to return to New York City, where I was fortunate enough to visit many times, having lived until I was 24 in New Jersey, a 40-minute train ride away. Listening to Miss You, I’m taken back to many wild and crazy nights, walking the streets with friends, bar hopping or just hanging out, feeling that intoxicating pulse of the city, a city buzzing with tangible energy, the energy accumulated over hundreds of years by millions of ordinary and extraordinary, hard working and hard playing, creative and even violent people, living out their lives.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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