More On Birds And Windows

Last month, I wrote a sad post about a bird that had flown into a window of the building I was working in. The bird did not survive.

Coincidentally, this morning, I happened to catch the second of a two-part NPR series on this topic and what some folks are trying to do about a widespread problem.

Part One.
Part Two.

It’s quite heartwarming to learn about the collaborations between biologists and architects, investing so much care into finding a solution.

There was one incredibly moving moment, in particular, in Part Two, when architect Guy Maxwell talks about how troubled he is by the thought that his buildings could cause harm. Using a library of bird songs on his phone, he finds the call of the vireo, a vireo was the latest victim of an older building adjacent to a building he’s designing, and he played the vireo’s call, and it really brought home the fact that yet another voice of nature had been silenced by something humans had created, a reminder of the real cost of our presence and how we conduct ourselves on this planet.

I can’t recommend the series enough.

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