Fish & Bicycles’ 1,000th Post!

After having celebrated the 1,000th comment submitted by a Fish & Bicycles reader back in April, today I celebrate the 1,000th post I’ve published here, since my first entry back in October 2009.

That’s 1,000 posts in 1,047 days.

Starting with my first, now-defunct, blog, published from June 2004 to September 2009, my primary goal has been to maintain a regular writing practice, with “regular writing practice” defined as writing as close to once-a-day as possible.

It feels very gratifying, then, to see that I have reached roughly 95% of that goal with these 1,000 posts.

For purposes of full disclosure, and serving as a personal reflection on the practice of blogging at this milestone, I should point out that 138 of my 1,000 posts have been entries in my Photoblog, and 95 posts have been Tweet of the Day installments.

For 136 of my Photoblog entries, the only “writing” involved was coming up with titles for the posts, sometimes literal, sometimes figurative, sometimes descriptive, sometimes abstract. And, for most of the 95 Tweet of the Day posts, I included no more than a sentence or two of my own commentary as introduction to the Tweet.

But, to me, it’s all writing, and here are just a few random thoughts on that point:

  • They say that every picture tells a story, or that a picture is worth a thousand words, in a way Twitter Tweets are a new kind of picture, and so it’s really no stretch at all to say that it’s all writing.
  • Other forms of written work have included visual elements for centuries, but you could even say it goes all the way back to petroglyphs.
  • Blogging also includes the posting of video, like my 90 Video Fridays installments, which are a combination of writing, as well as both auditory and visual elements, not very different, really, from the earliest forms of theater.
  • But blogging also has the capacity to be something entirely new. While it shares with other written works a definite beginning, unlike its counterparts it can conceivably have no definite ending. It is a constantly changing, evolving, even living work, and some days the product of that work is a picture, some days a video, some days a sarcastic commentary, other days a soul-searching observation.

I don’t know about you, but I’m incredibly excited to see what the next 1,000 posts bring!

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