Eyecatchers: Black & White Cityscapes

There are times, when I look at some of the images I’ve posted to my Photoblog, and I feel a warm fuzzy pride and a feeling that I can actually do this photography thing.

But then, I look at photos like those in this week’s Shooting Challenge at Gizmodo and I think, “Who am I kidding?! Better stick to writing or music!”

Seriously, there are some AMAZING shots in this collection of 79 black and white cityscapes, offering a veritable lesson in photography, pointing out just how many unique interpretations can be gleaned from a single subject. The variety of perspectives, composition, and lighting are wonderful, and looking through these images I’m renewed in my belief that black and white is the perfect medium for shooting cities, capturing all of the grit and austere beauty of places that can be at once inhospitable and thrilling.

The following are some of my favorites, be sure to click on all the images in this post to enlarge them, and be sure to check out the whole gallery. You won’t regret it.

11 thoughts on “Eyecatchers: Black & White Cityscapes

  1. I absolutely love the first two images, abstractions of everyday structures commonly over looked by many of us as we go about our busy lives…..an interesting perspective on form, stark, bold statements!

    1. Thanks for your comment and for stopping by Fish & Bicycles!

      And, yes, there are a number of great examples of striking abstract images derived simply by shooting from an angle so different from the one we usually observe these everyday objects from.

  2. Thanks for replying….those two images are awesome, not that the others weren’t as well….I also loved the image of the New York City Bridge…..great perspective as well……

      1. P.S., just for that, during my lunch I shot some of my own black and white cityscape, and I’m gonna follow this comment up with a new post featuring one of the shots I took. :-p

  3. I particularly like the two that look like they’ve been taken with a ‘fish-eye’ lens……..hopefully not whilst you were actually on a bicycle at the same time…………they are terrific shots.

    1. Thanks, but it should be clear in my post that these are not photos that I took.

      I provide links to the source and everything!

      Regardless, thanks for your comment and for stopping by!

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