Eyecatchers: Paralympics Pics

Ok, I confess, I did not watch even one event during the whole two weeks or so of the London 2012 Olympics. When I was a kid, my eyes were always glued to the TV screen whenever the games were on, but for a variety of reasons I’ve lost all interest over the years.

But, if anything was to renew my interest in an international sports competition, it might just be the other London 2012 Olympics, still going on right now: the London 2012 Paralympics.

Thanks to a STUNNING gallery of photos at The Atlantic, I am completely blown away by the passion, determination, and courage that these athletes ooze from every pore of their bodies.

Seriously, I habitually get all whiny because of my herniated disc, and now I look at these images of folks from all over the world who have refused to be held back by congenital or injury-related disabilities, and I feel utterly lazy and ridiculous.

The photography here is powerful, capturing all of the dramatic subtext of this remarkable event, and I can’t imagine anyone not being moved and inspired by them.

Here are some of my favorites, be sure to click on each image to see them larger, and PLEASE be sure to view the whole gallery, where the captions help tell the story:

2 thoughts on “Eyecatchers: Paralympics Pics

  1. It certainly does put things in perspective. I’ll sometimes see someone with prosthetics at a race. I think about how I’m getting fatigued and then I see them, in all their glory. And I get energy from that. If they can keep going, what is my excuse for quitting?

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