Damn you, Apple!

Oh, I was SO sure of myself!

Really, I was!

I bragged to all of my friends and family, something like this:

You know all this hype about the upcoming iPhone 5? I’ve been following the rumors and I just don’t see the big deal. I still LOVE my iPhone 4, so I just don’t care about the new iPhone, and I’ll wait until the iPhone 6 or something.

But, then I saw it.

And, I watched the launch and the promotional video…


Damn you, Apple!

3 thoughts on “Damn you, Apple!

  1. I am very, very surprised at you falling for all the hype ( I’m sorry I know I sound like your mother ! )
    Before you buy something you really don’t need take a look at this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jk-xqPKOxl4

    What makes it even worse is that they get away with this because for most of the women ( and it is mostly women) this is still marginally better than the conditions they come from. Do your own research..

    1. But MOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!

      Seriously, I appreciate your reminder, Helen. I haven’t really fallen for the hype completely, cuz I won’t actually be buying a new phone until my current one no longer works. I rarely replace anything until it stops working.

      Did I fall for the hype enough to simply want the iPhone 5 badly? Without a doubt. I wish I wasn’t as much of a product of our consumption-obsessed culture as I am, but despite my best efforts I’m far from perfect.

      I am well aware of the problems at Foxconn, but I don’t find it any more troubling than the general problem of multinational corporations exploiting cheap labor in one country to manufacture their products and then sell those products to wealthy people in other countries. At least Apple, based on what I’ve read, is taking the job of improving conditions at Foxconn very seriously.

      Would I like to see them do more? Of course. For instance, if cutting hours, as stated in the article I linked to, is causing more stress (due to consequentially reduced earnings) rather than reducing the stress of overworking, then clearly the workers need to be paid more for the hours they do work.

      1. My dear friend Clive posted this on Facebook —

        What’s the best way to milk sheep?
        Bring out a new iPhone

        Sorry but I couldn’t resist that joke !

        I was just so surprised when I read your post because you love the upcycling and stuff but I agree of course that none of us is perfect.. I most certainly am not being very, very far from it.
        The worry for me about Apple was that they only started to take action because of the suicides in 2010 ( putting suicide nets up hardly solves the problem) .. would they have done so otherwise? Probably not is my feeling.. whatever way you look at it.. when we buy any of these products we can afford to do so because someone else is working long hours for very little and you rightly say that this applies to emany,many items

        by the way just to show I’m not a hypocrite I still have a very ancient Nokia that I can use just to text and call but I’m starting to have problems with it now ( after nearly 10 years!) so will soon have to replace it…ho hum…

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