Video Fridays: Monty Python’s Election Night

With the U.S. presidential campaign in the home stretch, with less than two months until election day, I was inspired to post my first Monty Python Video Fridays installment since November 2011.

Watching the following hilarious lampoon of representative democracy in action, I can’t help thinking about how The Daily Show has become a comedy institution.

Politics is such a breeding ground for buffoons and farcical irrationality, if we didn’t have Monty Python, Jon Stewart, and others to make us laugh about it, we’d either be constantly depressed or scared for our lives.

So, for now, have a good laugh and a Happy Weekend, everyone!

6 thoughts on “Video Fridays: Monty Python’s Election Night

        1. Right!

          Then it goes something like this:

          “Finest?! What on earth makes you say that?!”

          “It’s so clean!”

          “Well it certainly does seem to be completely uncontaminated by cheese!”


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