Eyecatchers: Vimeo

So, I’ve known about Vimeo, that other video website, for a long time, I’ve seen embedded clips all over the place, and I’ve embedded some right here, but it wasn’t until I got an Apple TV, which allows me to watch Vimeo videos on my flat screen TV, that I finally discovered just how great Vimeo is.

Comparing Vimeo to YouTube is really an apples:oranges kinda thing.

YouTube is awesome for it’s universality, it’s accessibility, for how it has inspired millions to post video clips of all shapes and sizes to share on the interwebs, some of it homegrown, some of it simply ripped from existing media.

Vimeo, on the other hand, is purely a content-creators’ site, and there are guidelines for posted videos that have been unusually strictly adhered to, resulting in an average level of quality that is extraordinarily high.

From animated, live-action, and documentary shorts, to timelapse photography, music videos, and more, browsing around Vimeo is a refreshing change of pace, but I’ll go further.

Having spent a few weeks now watching Vimeo content, I find that, over and over again, I’m actually deeply moved by the extent and depth of creativity on display there. Unfortunately, only a relative lucky handful of people are able to make a living with their creative talents, and when I see some of these videos, how beautiful and compelling and thought-provoking they are, I’m, on one hand, saddened that more of these folks don’t have full-time jobs “doing what they love”, but on the other hand the world seems a better place just knowing how many incredibly creative people there are out there.

I’ll be starting to post Vimeo clips more regularly as part of my Eyecatchers series, and I’ll start off with the very first clip that I watched, a stunning piece of animation by Philipp Artus.


2 thoughts on “Eyecatchers: Vimeo

  1. THAT video was awesome! Thanks for sharing it.

    Something tells me those foldable, packable bikes are a lot harder to ride than they make it look. No saddle, pedals, and those smaller than normal wheels!

    Very, very cool!

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