Video Fridays: Dirty Projectors

Embarrassingly, this week’s Video Fridays installment features yet another band that has been around for quite some time (10 years), making REALLY good music, getting noticed, and I’ve been sadly, totally unaware.

But, what a band, and oh, so worth the wait.

The music of Dirty Projectors, from Brooklyn, New York, is gloriously impossible to categorize, you’ll find no simple genre that they clearly belong to, unless you want to cheat and just call them Indie.

Researching them, I came across an interview at A.V. Club from November 2009 that focuses entirely on the challenges of placing the various influences and genres one could try to associate with Dirty Projectors:

It’s critical shorthand that everyone (including we) are guilty of falling back on: saying one band “sounds like” another, rather than attempting to get at what makes it unique. And when a band that’s truly idiosyncratic comes along—like Dirty Projectors, whose “Bitte Orca” has received acres of critical adulation this year—that old music-reviewer standby becomes especially worthless, as everyone scrambles to find a way to describe something that, speaking honestly, sounds like nothing that came before it…

The writer goes on to interview frontman, singer/songwriter, Dave Longstreth, specifically quoting a selection of critics who, combined, named 20 different artists in their attempt to describe Dirty Projectors. The interview is a fun read, so check it out.

I’ll just say that Dirty Projectors’ music is the most unique stuff I’ve heard in a long time. It is music that begs you to listen closely to it, with rich, complex compositions, gorgeous vocal harmonies, wicked beats, and instrumentation that sometimes surprises, but always seems spot-on.

It was impossible to pick just one song, especially since there are some awesome clips on YouTube. So, I’ve chosen two: the first, to me, exemplifies their knack for delicious unpredictability, and the second highlights their amazing vocals.

What’s especially admirable about both of these tracks is that Dirty Projectors are as good live as they are in the studio.

Enjoy, and Happy Weekend, everyone!

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