Bonus Summer Days Are Gone

So, it’s that time of year again, time for my annual end of summer lament. (Here’s last year’s.)

We have had one HELL of a beautiful stretch of weather here in Rainland!

From the Bellingham Herald:

This September was the second driest on record in Bellingham, and the dry spell is expected to stretch into the first part of October here and in other parts of Western Washington, according to the National Weather Service.

Just 0.15-inch of rain fell last month, according to observation sites near Bellingham International Airport. The airport is usually the site for official weather measurements in Bellingham, but the National Weather Service said Tuesday, Oct. 2, that equipment there failed to record rain that fell the night of Sept. 9 early into the morning of Sept. 10.

…and I can attest that I loved and fully appreciated These were bonus summer days that we were not at all entitled to. They were a gift.

And, when I heard folks whining about how it would inevitably come to end, that we’d return to a norm of consistently grey and rainy weather until next summer, I scoffed and labeled them as cynics…

…that is, until I saw this:

Heavy sigh.

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