Eyecatchers: Universal Everything

This installment of Eyecatchers comes via BOOOOOOOM, and features the work of Universal Everything, a artist collective of sorts, whose members produce incredible, jaw-dropping digital art installations.

What is particularly compelling, to me, about the work of Universal Everything, is how rooted it is in organic subjects, how the advanced technology they use is married with real-life moving forms, full of fluidity and life, rather than simple, cold, shapes and colors dancing around on a screen.

I’ve mentioned before how I love the artistic creative process as much as I love the product, and watching the first video below you’ll see that these are not just a bunch of guys sitting at computers making stuff up. They are, all of them, highly skilled visual artists, working first by hand on paper, and only then bringing in the technology to bring their creations to life.

I’m reminded of a friend of mine who, at middle age, decided he wanted to be a computer animation artist. So, he enrolled in a program and was surprised to learn that he would be required to take several drawing classes before he was let anywhere near software. Having never done any drawing before, he knew he had a steep learning curve, but he’s convinced now that he never would have been able to create quality computer animation without that foundation in something so fundamental as pencil and paper.

And so, here are two videos, the first is a mini-documentary on Universal Everything, with lots of great behind-the-scenes footage of their process accompanied by snippets of their extraordinary work, and the second features a piece they did titled Forever from 2009.


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