Zombies And Politics

So, just about a year ago, I wrote a post titled Sorry, I Don’t Get Zombies, expressing how I can’t seem to connect with the whole zombie craze.

And sure, I expected that I might get some flack from zombie enthusiasts, but what I never saw coming, not even close, was the political angle on the subject.

Well, here it is, a year later, and that post, a post I thought was dead, has been made undead, just like zombies, thanks to a comment yesterday from someone named David.

Here’s an illustrative excerpt:

OK. Here’s why this Zombie craze originated and persists.

It’s all about brainwashing the population into viewing other people as valueless meat sacks ready to be hacked apart in an emergency/martial law apocalyptic scenario. It’s about planting the kernel in the population’s subconscious that other people are potential enemies and savages that could threaten the lives of you and your family given the right circumstances. it’s about glorifying death and decay, making it cool, in a similar vein to the vampire fad.

The Globalists/Illuminati are implementing a world government and in order to do that they’re destroying the current system in order to offer their new Orwellian Eugenicist global ‘Utopia’ as the solution. This destruction includes the engineered credit crisis, the removal of Western production and jobs, the Man made global warming scam designed to collapse independent energy particularly coal and squeeze more wealth out of the population…..Global gun disarmament and most likely impending world war involving massive intentional depopulation and the death of hundreds of millions via viruses, radiation etc.


But, as I was framing my response, just as I was about to dismiss David’s comments as the product of a paranoid conspiracy theorist, I came across the following video, just hours later on the very same day, a video from TV/Film writer/director Joss Whedon, and now I’m convinced that zombies and politics ARE connected.

Watch it, and remember: protect your brains.

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