Video Fridays: Pixies

Since I still have my son on my mind a lot, cuz, as I mentioned Wednesday, we just celebrated his 15th birthday on Halloween, my choice for today’s Video Fridays installment has something to do with him.

While, like me, he’s been into music for much of his life, having spent quite some time with piano, marimba, and alto saxophone, he’s been getting more serious about the guitar lately, open to letting me teach him stuff, which I LOVE.

But a few weeks ago, I heard him downstairs in the music room playing something that sounded familiar, but it was something I hadn’t taught him, which means he’d looked up the chords and figured it out on his own, and it was an old favorite of mine the Pixie‘s Where Is My Mind?.

And so now, he’s taught me something, showed me the chords and the little riff that the electric guitar plays, and we’ve had a BLAST playing it together and learning the crazy lyrics:

With your feet in the air and your head on the ground
Try this trick, and spin it, yeah
Your head will collapse
But there’s nothing in it
And you ask yourself

Where is my mind?

Now, when I think of this song I think of the imperative to turn up the volume as LOUD as possible, to soak in the sound, to feel the distortion, bass, and drums in the sternum.

But then, I’ve heard this other, incredible solo piano version by French pianist Maxence Cyrin, who managed to strip away the electric bombast to expose a gem of a gorgeous melody.

So here, for purposes of contrast, are the original and the solo piano version, one live, the other a studio recording, the official video released by Cyrin, set to clips from the 1928 Greta Garbo film The Mysterious Lady.

Turn the volume WAY up on the first one, and swoon to the second.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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