Video Fridays: Weird Beard Journey

So, apparently, my Video Fridays installment for today actually went viral in 2009, making‘s Top 10 Viral Videos list, but…

…I never saw it.

I hang my blogger head in shame.

But seriously, this is an incredible video, no matter what year it is, and I enjoyed it immensely. It tickles my traveling bone, stirring up my desire to explore, reminding me that I haven’t gone on a trip outside of the U.S. since the family and I visited Costa Rica in January 2010. (We’re finally planning another trip, likely somewhere in Europe in June 2013. Hooray!)

Anyway, the guy behind this video, Christoph Rehage, had an amazing vision, deciding to document his trip across China the way he did, taking nearly daily photos and video of himself for the entire year, and it comes together as quite a spectacle.

Truly, if this doesn’t inspire and make you want to get out and see strange new lands and people, I don’t know what else will.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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