10 Years Since The Concert For George?!


And since the Concert For George, a star-studded celebration of the life and music of George Harrison, took place a year to the day after we lost him, that means it’s been 11 years since he passed?

It’s really hard to believe, that this man who meant so much to me and so many millions of people is gone at all, much less for so long.

Anyway, I hadn’t planned on following up yesterday’s music-oriented post with another today, but when I learned that the Concert For George was streaming for 24 hours today on YouTube (catch it if you can!) to mark the 10-year anniversary, and I caught the following clip of Paul McCartney sensitively singing George’s achingly beautiful song — All Things Must Pass — with Ringo playing drums, it just made me cry.

All things must, indeed, pass. No matter how much we cling to them while they’re still here. No matter how terribly we miss them when their gone. And it’s particularly painful when it’s a person, a person who moved us so deeply.

And yet, George was right to remind us of this impermanence, not so that we stop wanting and loving, but perhaps that we might use discernment, that we might let go when we need to.

So, I’ll let go of this post now. Thanks, George. I miss you.

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