We’re Putting The Band Back Together

baktertown-psychedelicIt’s been a while since I mentioned the band that I play played in.

See, after a show in mid-October, two things happened in quick succession: 1. I came down with a severe case of carpal tunnel in my right hand, making it very difficult to play my guitar; 2. My friend and leader of the band announced that he was moving to Tuscon, Arizona.

I’ve spent the time since putting feelers out, aggressively trying to put together a new band, calling other musicians I know, answering Craigslist ads, placing Craiglist ads, and it’s been brutal, to the point where I figured that it just isn’t meant to be, that perhaps I’d used up my 15 minutes.

And that was that.

Or, at least I thought.

Fast Forward a month and a half, and my friend, now in Tuscon, texts me and says that the drummer from our now-defunct band was asking about me because he might have a gig lined up for New Year’s Eve and he’s trying to put a band together for it.

The very next day, I’m at the gym, I’ve got my carpal tunnel under control, and I run into the bass player from the band, who says he’s been thinking about me, because he still has good contacts at several bars we played at and they’d like to have us back. I mentioned that I’d just heard from the drummer, it seems he’s available, and so all we need is a lead guitar player. (If we have all of these pieces, we’ll likely be able to lure our keyboard player back.)

That night, I call the one other lead guitar player I know, he’s actually a good friend, also friends with the Man from Tuscon, he used to be in a band with the Man from Tuscon, I never thought in a million years that he’d be interested and/or available, but…

…he is!

Clearly, we’re on a mission from God!

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