Video Fridays: IKEA + Man = Fire

fireOk, so, say you’re trapped in an IKEA store.

For dramatic effect, let’s say it’s an IKEA store in IKEA’s native Sweeden…and it’s winter, which means it’s bone-chillingly cold.

There’s no one else in the store, all of the doors are locked, and you are lost.

(Quick Anecdote Tangent: True story, at a recent visit to IKEA, I observed a couple trying to figure out which direction to go by looking at a map, and the guy, pointing to an area on the map, said to the gal, “If we go this way, there’s a worm hole that will get us to the bathrooms.”)

So you keep wandering around for hours, all the heat that once kept the store cozy warm has left the building, you can now see your breath, and, no matter how hard you try, you can’t find the bedding area, where puffy down comforters could give you relief until help arrived.

But wait! Don’t fear! Vimeo user Helmut has worked it all out!

Just be sure to memorize the following instructional video.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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