Worst Superhero Superpower: Regeneration

man_of_steelListen, I know this is gonna come off as cynical.

You could say that I was neglected as a child by parents who didn’t buy me comic books…and you’d be right.

Like most people, I love all the superpowers that superheroes have and I wish I had them too — flying, superhuman strength, bullet-proofness, x-ray vision, invisibility, ability to spin webs and swing from skyscrapers, mastery of the Batman utility belt, and the one skill that all superheroes seem to share: super counterfeiting, which they use to fund all of the high-tech gear that they always have at their disposal.

But, when I saw the trailer (see below) just now for Man of Steel, the upcoming latest retread of the Superman franchise (see how I cynically use the term “franchise”), rather than get all excited about this seventh Superfilm, my eyes rolled back in my head, where they were treated to horrible flashbacks of all the superhero remakes over the years.

Therefore, I hereby declare that the worst superhero superpower is the power of infinite regeneration.

I mean, how fair is that? They already have these amazing powers that no viewers will ever have.

Do they really need to rub it in that they also happen to be immortal?

4 thoughts on “Worst Superhero Superpower: Regeneration

  1. I can understand how they want to cash in on the brand, with the renewed popularity of superheroes, and perhaps they might have a new spin on the character. The Batman has taken a walk on the darker side of the street. The Batman before the last was much too dark for me, and I didn’t go see the last one. I didn’t watch the Superman trailer, but I suspect they intend to do the same thing with Superman. I don’t intend to go see it.

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