Only In The Pacific Northwest

The following was heard on this unusually sunny January day here in Bellingham, uttered by a student who had emerged into the brilliant sunshine from a building on campus:

Ugh! Why so bright?!

Meanwhile, elsewhere on campus, Seasonal Affective Disorder sufferers are most certainly experiencing waves of ecstatic relief and bursts of unbridled joy.

10 thoughts on “Only In The Pacific Northwest

  1. It’s a strange phenomena, the weather. Always a conversation starter and dare I say often an ‘ice breaker’ but we see the same here. Living in Perth in Western Australia we have copious amounts of sunshine and heat, more than our fair share one could say and there are regular sighs of relief when that lone cloud drifts in front of the sun just fleetingly – or when the forecast is for 28’C which is considered ‘cool’.

    So whilst I sympathize with the statement – I’m happy with my outdoor lifestyle and the performance of my shares in a blue chip sun-screen manufacturers. Slip, slop, slap as we say.

    Your post also reminds me of a photo I saw years ago of Russian’s taking time to stop against a black roller door and peel off some layers whilst the sun shone briefly and thawed their ‘bits’…

    1. I love the colours of your landscapes.
      As my camera has been out of order for a few months I have missed the opportunity to capture the amazing Autumn colours we have in my native English countryside.I hope to be back out soon if my insurer repairs or replaces my digital camera.Meantime on a mild day I might see what I can do with watercolors or oils on canvas.

    1. It’s funny, because a friend of mine who does suffer during the winters here moved to Tuscon recently, and I’ve been hesitant to share January, so far, has been the sunniest, driest January that I can remember in 20 years here.

      1. I cannot imagine living down there. I am so spoiled by lush and green. My aunt lived there, and half of the time it was so hot that life was just a race from one air conditioned box to the next.

    1. Here, here, Gavin! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your comment.

      I notice I’m no longer riding my bicycle to work in the dark, even though my ride home still is.

      Every little bit helps!

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