Video Fridays: Elvis Costello

elvis-costelloOk, hold the presses!

I’ve discovered the solution to our dependency on declining supplies of fossil fuels.

All we have to do is tap into the intense energy created by the following performance of Elvis Costello & The Attractions from 1978.


There’s enough electricity running through this band and these songs to power a small city, and there’s only 45 minutes of music here.

Even when Elvis is standing perfectly still, the driving of the beat propels, and you can feel the power boiling up inside of him, oozing from him with his sweat, spitting out of him with his forceful and relentless vocal delivery.

My band just added Elvis’ classic rendition of Nick Lowe‘s (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding? to our repertoire, working on it for the first time last night, and I can still feel the buzz from it.

The energy is for real, man! Watch it and you’ll see.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Video Fridays: Elvis Costello

  1. Dude. You knew Elvis Costello was one of my all time faves, right?? Well, did you ALSO know that What’s So Funny ‘Bout (Peace, Love and Understanding)? was also my favorite Elvis tune (even though he didn’t write it…he performs the hell out of it). I’ve seen him live three times and each show was epic. He is a truly gifted entertainer and performer.. I watched every single episode of his show “Spectacle” for the 2 seasons the Sundance Channel showed it. \m/ \m/

    1. Yeah, I think we’d already discovered that we both love Elvis C! I think his career is pretty phenomenal. SO much great music!

      I’d like to own the Spectacle series someday. Such great conversations and incredible performances. (My fave was Elvis and Jakob Dylan doing “Straight To Hell” by The Clash.)

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