Robin Hood Tax! Yes!

robin-hood-taxNow THIS is a great idea!

(Warning: Their servers are getting slammed today, as word about this campaign is spreading fast. So, if you can’t reach the site right now, please check it out later.)

The Robin Hood Tax campaign is calling for a tax of less than half of 1% on Wall Street transactions that could generate hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

A Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street will provide funding to kickstart the economy and get America back on its feet by creating jobs and strengthening public services like health care, education and infrastructure at home while tackling AIDS, global health, poverty and climate challenges around the world.

This is a tax on Wall Street, which created the greatest economic crisis in our nation, and globally, since the Great Depression. The same people who have returned to record profits and bonuses while ordinary Americans, the 99%, continue to pay the price of their crisis.

It’s not a tax on the people, but a tax for the people.

It makes so much sense, and anyone who opposes the idea is either:

  • Protecting the 1% at the expense of the 99%, which, I’d hope by now most people would agree, is wrong; or…
  • Brainwashed into believing in trickle-down economics, the thoroughly debunked idea that if we protect the wealthy (i.e. cut their taxes, provide them with massive tax loopholes, provide their businesses with massive subsidies) their prosperity will trickle down to those who are less wealthy; or…
  • Brainwashed into distrusting the government thoroughly, therefore not wanting the government to tax anyone, because they believe that the government can’t be trusted to use tax dollars wisely.

As with anything like this, it’s important to not take it on face value, and to find out know who’s behind it.

Conveniently, has a page on their website titled Who’s behind it?

Yeah, I can get behind these people and this movement!

5 thoughts on “Robin Hood Tax! Yes!

  1. Tax the [cuss] out of them! Even a 100% tax on above and beyond earnings that generate astronomical income is acceptable!

    When Wall Street, pharmaceutical companies, BIG corporate business, and [cuss-ers] like Monsanto, et al keep hard-working, tax-paying, honest folk down – when their profits (mind-blowing billions in record profits) actually cost citizens their livelihoods, health, safety, education, and wellbeing, it is criminal.

    Paying more taxes for more earnings, even paying a fair share in taxes (I pay way more than any of them) is the least we can do for our citizenry.

    The rich must not amass their wealth on the backs of the working class (a living wage, healthcare, public services, education, etc.), via factory sweatshop wages across the globe, by way of globalization (the ruination of cultures everywhere), and irrevocably poisoning environments around the world.

    [Cuss!] Thank you for this post. We are, none of us, alone in this. POWER to the PEOPLE! And I don’t care what that [cuss-ing] Supreme Court thinks, CORPORATIONS are NOT PEOPLE.

    Of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE, and for the PEOPLE!

    Wage on, PEOPLE!

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