Eyecatchers: 2013 Sony World Photography Awards

sony-photo5Today’s Eyecatchers installment features a selection of amazing images, culled from over 122,000 entries from 170 countries for 2013 Sony World Photography Awards via the World Photography Organisation (WPO).

Numerous websites are currently featuring these photos, but I wanted to share here those that particularly spoke to me.

The contest’s jurors review entries submitted in six different categories, described by WPO like this:

  • Professional Competition – for serious photographers.
  • Open Competition – for amateurs and enthusiasts.
  • Student Focus – for those studying photography.
  • Youth Award – for anyone aged 19 and under.
  • 3D Award – for anyone using true 3D technology in photography or video
  • National Award – new in 2013 for photographers in participating countries

But, I was struck by how consistently good the photos were across the different categories, from Pros to amateur youth. It really made me question the description of the Pro category: for serious photographers. That, it seems to me, is a total insult to the amateurs!

I mean, are contestants in the Student Focus group, who are currently studying photography, not serious?

Or, is there anything not serious about this entry from the Youth category? (Click image to enlarge.)


Anyway, below, as I’ve said, are some of my favorites, but be sure to check out the hundreds of photos at WorldPhotography.org, or Google the awards and you’ll find links to many slideshows. In some cases, such as at The Atlantic, you’ll find captions that provide some enlightening information about the images.

Enjoy! (Click images to enlarge.)












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