Out of Office: Mini-Vacation Edition

Portland_Oregon_Union_train_stationTomorrow morning, at around 8:45am, the family and I will be boarding the Amtrak Cascades line at the Fairhaven Station here in Bellingham, and at approximately 2:55pm we’ll arrive at Union Station in Portland, Oregon (pictured in the photo here).

It’s been a while since I extolled one of the many virtues of Bellingham, Washington, my adopted hometown of nearly 20 years, namely its proximity to SO much awesomeness:

  • 90 minutes south: Seattle, Washington
  • 90 minutes north: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • 60 minutes east: Mt. Baker Ski Area and the Cascade Mountains
  • 90 minutes west: The San Juan Islands
  • 6 hours south: Portland, Oregon (5 hours by car)

This trip will be particularly fun, for us treehuggers, since we’ll be leaving the car behind, enjoying a long, relaxing train trip to and from, and then we rely on Portland’s famous mass transit system to get to everywhere we want to go. Part of the appealing adventure is navigating our way around, using Google Maps’ transit feature, TriMet’s excellent mobile-optimized website, or just asking people for info on the go.

In the meantime, while I’ll have occasional internet access during the trip, I likely will not have the time to blog.

But fear not, while I’m gone, I’ll once again be featuring some older posts of mine, as part of my continuing Best Of Fish & Bicycles series. I’ve selected a post that will appear each day, so you might not even notice the difference, especially if you’re new to Fish & Bicycles.

Additionally, feel free to browse around the vast Fish & Bicycles archives in any of the following ways:

  • Tags: In the sidebar, under Stuff About…, you can click on any of the Tags and see all the posts I’ve done that have at least something to do with those topics.
  • Recurring Series: At the top of the page, hover over the Recurring Series drop-down menu and select from options like Celebrating Eco-Progress, which applauds businesses adopting sustainable practices; Eyecatchers, a collection of photos, graphics, and videos that have, well, caught my eye; Video Fridays, my favorite video of the week pick; and more.
  • Monthly Archives: Towards the bottom of the sidebar, select a specific month to see everything I posted in that time period.


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