Video Fridays: The Eagles

eaglesThis week’s Video Fridays installment is very much a companion piece to last week’s.

Like the music of the Steve Miller Band, mentioned a week ago, The Eagles, in my opinion, suffered severely from being overplayed on the radio.

If, like me, you ever lived in southern California (Los Angeles, 1988-1993), this effect was amplified to such an extent that my feelings toward The Eagles eventually came to resemble those of The Dude’s, from The Big Lebowski (warning, multiple F-Bombs):

So, you can imagine my reaction when several of the guys in my band suggested that we play an Eagles song.

Now, I believe in democracy, I was outvoted, and it was more important to me to keep my bandmates happy than to be stubborn about one song…

…and, it turns out, the song is good, clean, rockin’ fun!

Already Gone, from 1974 is mostly a three-chord workout, screaming out for some creamy tube amp overdrive, and I just can’t help getting swept up by it.

Who woulda thunk it?

Here’s The Eagles from the year it came out, playing before 300,000 people at the California Jam music festival.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Video Fridays: The Eagles

    1. THAT is such a GREAT comment! Thanks!

      Reminds me of a story: For many years I’ve thought of it as depressing when a musical artist or band, in the plateau or waning years of their career, ends up playing at casinos and county fairs.

      Then, some years ago, I was at the Northwest Washington Fair in Lynden, Washington, and the Doobie Brothers were playing that night. The Doobies kinda fit into that overplayed band category, and I thought it was so depressing that they were playing at a fair, and so, like the snob that I am, I didn’t dish out the extra bucks for the tickets to their show.

      BUT…not long after their show began, I took a ride on the ferris wheel, and as we rose into the air I could see down into the small arena where the Doobies were playing, the place was packed, and the crowd was going WILD!!!

      And I realized, there’s nothing at all depressing about that! The band is making the crowd very, very happy, playing all their classics that the fans love SO much, and for the band, well, having had a taste of being on stage while people enjoy your music, dance, sing along, and applaud, well, there’s nothing depressing about that either.

      I will be thinking of this story tonight, thanks to you, and will very likely enjoy the experience much more for it.

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