What I Did Saturday Night

So, I’ve mentioned numerous times that I play guitar and sing in a Rock & Roll band, and once I even provided a link to my band’s Facebook Page: Bakertown

But, I’ve never provided any visual proof here at Fish & Bicycles, so this is what I did this past Saturday night:


Those are my friends, John on the far left, Tim on the drums, and Dave on the bass. (Sadly, Richard the keyboard player is just out of frame on the right.)

Another thing you can’t see in the photo is the throng of dancing people right in front of us, and that’s the best part of the whole story. There is absolutely nothing more thrilling, in my experience, than to be on stage rockin’ out, while an appreciative, gyrating crowd is grooving to the music you’re playing.

I can’t wait for the next gig!

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