Last Flowers: A Promising Bellingham Band

Last-FlowersSince I write about music a fair amount here (245 out of 1,172 posts), I get contacted fairly often by musicians or band managers who’d like me to write about them.

It’s a bit flattering, but most of the time the music samples they provide are not my cup of tea and therefore do not inspire me to write about them.

It was a VERY nice surprise, then, when I was contacted yesterday by Nik Vinish, singer/songwriter and member, with Benjamin Lemons, of Indie duo Last Flowers, two Whatcom County, Washington natives (Bellingham is the county seat). Nik directed me to their SoundCloud page, specifically to this, a song called Lullaby For Nobody (Part 1) from their forthcoming LP, From A Piano Room:

I was immediately captured by Ben’s lovely piano intro, and when Nik’s vocals came in I could immediately tell that these were two very talented young men. The song continues, and at the 1:35 mark Nik goes into a falsetto and the song builds into a gentle crescendo, with drums and bass and horns entering, followed eventually by lush strings, all adding up to a very sweet, melodic gem.

On their Bio page at ReverbNation, they claim as their influences The Beatles, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Death Cab for Cutie and The National, they say they’re a little bit Post Rock, a little bit Alternative, and so they’ve coined a new genre for themselves: Post Alternative.

But genre labels can only illuminate so much, and the ultimate test is the music. The other Last Flowers tunes available on SoundCloud now are from their approximately year-old EP and show tremendous promise, but I’ve spent a little time now listening to the rest of their upcoming LP, which they were kind enough to send to me, and I can already tell that it fulfills that promise.

Nik reports that he and Ben were both classically trained in piano, Nik mostly plays guitar and sings, and Ben plays keys, writes melodies and arrangements, and even does the majority of work on production and mixing.

Nik and Ben grew up at opposite ends of the county, met through mutual friends, and it’s clear that it’s a very, very good thing that they found each other. Kindred musical spirits indeed.

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