Don’t Mix Reggae With Taxes: A Poem

reggaeDon’t Mix Reggae With Taxes

no worse music
in April
while doing one’s taxes.
a torturous cognitive dissonance
a juxtaposition of
lilting Caribbean rhythms
conjuring lush tropical beaches
jerk chicken, rice & beans
washed down with
ice cold Red Stripe beer
a big, fat spliff
and a psychedelic sunset
a ghastly spreadsheet
a blizzard of receipts
a puzzle of numbers
a labyrinth of bureaucratic mumbo jumbo.
nothing easy ’bout this skanking.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Mix Reggae With Taxes: A Poem

  1. Although I can see the torture of thinking island style while having to complete taxes, this poem makes we want to listen to reggae next year when I do my taxes. After all, if I don’t listen to something calming while doing taxes my blood pressure is just going to sky rocket.

    1. Well, that certainly is another way to look at it, Gavin!

      But surely there is plenty of relaxing music to choose from, some classical chamber music for instance, perhaps the Chopin Nocturnes, that would keep the blood pressure down without taunting me visions of lounging in the tropics.

      Thanks for your comment!

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