R.I.P., Richie Havens

richie_havensHeavy, heavy, oh heavy, sigh.

I’ve just heard the very sad news that one of my all-time favorite musicians, singer-songwriter and master interpreter of popular song, Richie Havens, has passed at the age of 72.

Even sadder, I don’t have the time today to properly honor Richie, and so I’ll have to settle for reposting something I did back in July 2011.

Richie, thank you SO much for all of the beautiful music, your beautiful heart, and your beautiful voice.

Originally posted July 1, 2011.

This morning, on Facebook, a friend posted a clip of Richie Havens performing his famous cover of George Harrison’s Here Comes The Sun, I was reminded of how much I love Richie, and I realized that I hadn’t listened to him in far too long.

Richie is a beautiful musician in so many ways: his complex rhythm strumming style, his use of open tunings and thumb-wrapping, his soulful voice, a voice like no other I’ve ever heard, and he may very well be the best cover song artist ever.

And as much as I enjoyed the version of Here Comes The Sun, I went in search on YouTube for a clip for this week’s Video Fridays installment, a clip of my favorite Havens song, Follow, but sadly I couldn’t find a live performance.

I then found an amazing older clip of Richie doing a medley of Van Morrison’s Tupelo Honey, and Bob Dylan’s Just Like A Woman, that is totally worth watching, but there’s a painful missing bit in the bridge of the latter.

So, I settled on a different version of Just Like A Woman, this one from the 1993 concert celebrating Dylan’s 30-year anniversary as a recording artist.

2 thoughts on “R.I.P., Richie Havens

  1. Ahhhhhh! I didn’t know Richie passed away. His opening performance at Woodstock still moves me everytime I see it. Freedom…freedom…freedom …freedom…

    1. Yeah, sis, and a legendary story to go along with that performance.

      Richie wasn’t originally going to be the opening act at Woodstock, but the opening band was running way late, they asked him to go on, and since he hadn’t planned on a long set, he made up “Freedom” on the spot, which is a variation on the song “Motherless Child”, with everything else improvised. Amazing!

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