Obama’s Monica Lewinsky Moment?

lame-duckNo, there’s been no sex with interns, as far as we know. But, anyone who was around and paying attention during Bill Clinton’s second term should find the current state of American politics sadly familiar.

The GOP, not content with their no-holds-barred obstructionism, seems to be reverting to their late 1990s playbook in hopes of rendering Obama the lamest possible duck. (Hmmmmm. The Lamest Duck. Sounds like a reality TV show. I should copyright it!)

The vultures are swarming over Benghazi and the IRS thing, and they will try to bury Obama with a mountain of scandal and pseudo scandal in order to thwart his second term agenda.

It’s not really a question of whether or not the GOP will proceed in this manner. Rather, it’s merely a matter of how successful they will prove to be at the strategy.

In the meantime, we’ll have to endure this latest in a long line of episodes illustrating just how broken our system is.

6 thoughts on “Obama’s Monica Lewinsky Moment?

  1. There should have been an inquiry into all the criminal activity by the GOP that was required to put an idiot like George Bush into the White House. Watergate was a slap on the wrist compared to the dire consequences that stolen election has cost this nation. No one has been called to answer for it.

    Clinton gave our country a balanced budget, which the GOP instantly trashed–our first chance to buy down the national debt and he threw it away to give tax cuts to rich white oil executives and launch the most expensive war in history, which also lined more of his GOP cronies’ pockets. Bush should have gone to trial for that. The Republicans had their chance and they made a wreck of this nation economically, and threw away any moral high ground we had by launching us into unjustified pre-emptive war that I’m convinced they knew was based on false evidence. Bush should have gone to trial for that too. Trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost. Personal freedoms have been taken away, and they are still trying to return minorities to the back of the bus and keep women barefoot and pregnant. Education is going down the toilet, and they have declared organized labor, such as teachers, enemies of the people. Dick Cheney shot his hunting partner in the face at close range, inflicting serious and permanent damage, and the shooting victim said he never even apologized, let alone suffered any consequences. That is so typical, because that would mean taking responsibility for their actions.

    They have had their chance. The people spoke and LEGALLY elected Obama to get us back on track. The GOP has no new ideas, no solutions, and no agenda, except to obstruct Obama as he tries to heal this nation from all the harm it has suffered under the Republicans. They have done so much dirty dealing, and I can’t believe they have gotten away with it. Dems are too considerate of public welfare, they look for compromise, and they too afraid to look ugly and mean and spiteful, like, well, like the Republicans. What other party would orchestrate the Swiftboating of a wounded Vietnam veteran by a spoiled rich brat president whose Daddy pulled strings to get him out of serving in Vietnam, and then he couldn’t even bother to show up at his cushy, safe National Guard job?

    So the Democrats let the Republicans get away with this outrageous and often illegal behavior. It’s disgusting. They don’t care about the American people, unless you count CORPORATIONS as people, which obviously they do. Children go hungry, elderly go homeless, and schools lose funding, so that big business and rich people don’t have to pay taxes. The GOP would rather sink the good ship United States than let Obama guide her to safety.

    But I’d better stop here, because I make it a policy never to discuss politics.

    1. I hear you, Naomi, and, like Bill Clinton, I feel your pain.

      I’ve tried to make it a policy to not blog about politics, but every once in a while I can’t help myself.

      1. I cried when Obama was elected–tears of joy, to think that we actually had a president that cared about bettering the lives of his people. It is amazing to me that he has accomplished as much as he has in the face of such malicious obstructionism.

  2. well put Naomi but the American systems are so firmly fixed in favour of war and huge corporations ( one and the same? ) that it is almost impossible for any president to make real change..

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