Fish & Bicycles Goes On Virtual Hiatus

noun — A gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity; a break

You know, I’ve been working at a university for 12 years, and so, when I hear the term hiatus, I think of privileged faculty or higher up administrators who are eligible to enjoy the occasional long break from employment, six months to a year, knowing that their job will be waiting for them when they return.

Me, on the other hand, while I have excellent healthcare benefits and a retirement plan, as well as paid sick leave and vacation, the demands of my job and the low level of my position on campus do not allow me the opportunity for hiatus. Anything longer than a 2-week vacation is very difficult to get approval for.

Therefore, I hereby announce that Fish & Bicycles is going on a virtual hiatus, for how long I do not know.

This has been a very difficult decision to make. I’ve loved blogging. I’ve been doing it since June 2004, first at my now-defunct first blog, and here at Fish & Bicycles since October 2009.

But, a number of things have added up to a gradual decline in enthusiasm and enjoyment. My life offline has become too busy, cluttered with a wide range of things both voluntary and involuntary.


  • I have a 15-year old son who will not be living at home all that much longer;
  • I have a lovely wife whom I ALWAYS wish I had more time with;
  • And, at 48 years of age, I’m finding my physical, mental, and spiritual health to be demanding more attention from me.

Additionally, I find myself, more times than not, feeling obligated to post something here at Fish & Bicycles, just to keep it alive, rather than as the product of an inspiration to create for creativity’s sake. I know that maintaining a regular practice of anything requires persistence in the face of challenges, and I’ve managed to do just that for nine years of blogging. But, I just need to take a break for a while, to attend to other things in my life.

I LOVE that definition of hiatus that I included at the start of this post — A gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity. It sounds so Sci-Fi, and given that I’m taking a virtual hiatus, I feel like a time traveler!

Hopefully, on my “travels” I will find my muse again and I’ll return to Fish & Bicycles with renewed vigor and determination.

In the meantime, I’d like to thank all of my regular readers and the many folks who have chosen to Follow Fish & Bicycles. I’ve been honored by the time people have taken to check out what I’ve been doing here.


10 thoughts on “Fish & Bicycles Goes On Virtual Hiatus

  1. Howard, I’m hoping you manage to come back here filled with inspiration. i enjoy your blogging. I know what you mean, though, it can be sort of draining at times, but also rather inspiring!
    Take good care of yourself. : )


  2. Ahh Howard. I concur with what Karen says and you have done brilliantly well to continue to blog for so long.. I am having a mini break from posting, just for a few days because it can become very arduous.. I set myself the rather ridiculous task on 1500 Saturdays of blogging every week for the rest of my life !!!
    I do hope you will be back and drop in to visit us from time to time.. I wish you love and peace my blogging friend!

  3. Although I only read blogs about once a month and this summer (as you can tell by the lateness of my comment) it has been even less frequently, I always looked forward to catching up on your posts. I am glad you are taking them time that you need and I hope to make it to one of Bakertown’s jams this summer!

  4. Hi Howard have a wonderful break and enjoy 2014 where-ever you are. So appreciated when you dropped my my blog last year while I was getting used to the whole idea – great to see you have kept going – sure you will be open to plenty of inspiring things to write about in the future. Thanks too for the Sapphires post – I’m going to take another listen – it was such a great film.

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