Hillary Comes Out As … A Republican!

hilaryI hate to pile on, really, I do, but while there has already been a monumental pile of derision dumped on the logo unveiled yesterday, and pictured here, for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, the logo, to me, is so painfully bad that I just can’t keep quiet.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that, after having spent a chunk of time reading through the tweets and blog posts, from pundits to plain people to professional graphic designers, I don’t really have anything all that original to say on the matter.

My criticism is best summed up by this cartoon, from The New Yorker:

Translation for anyone not familiar with U.S. political symbolism:

You don’t have to be an expert on U.S. political symbolism to see the problems here, but you’d think that any design team working for the Clinton campaign most certainly should be expert, and it just boggles my mind thoroughly that any so-called expert design team could propose this logo, much less manage to convince the rest of the campaign team, and the reportedly very bright candidate, to approve it!

Anyway, while I’m no expert myself, I was tempted to see what the Hillary 2016 logo might look like if I played around with it using my favorite free online photo editing software, Pixlr, and this VERY interesting thing happened!

Pixlr has a filter called ‘Hope’, which makes ordinary photos look like the famous Barack Obama ‘Hope’ poster designed by artist Shepard Fairey, and when I desaturated the Hillary logo and applied the ‘Hope’ filter, while I’m still not crazy about the arrow pointing to the right, it kinda worked!


As someone on Twitter said, you could argue that if Hillary is wearing the logo as a lapel pin, then the arrow would be pointing to her left!

2 thoughts on “Hillary Comes Out As … A Republican!

  1. Frankly, I like this logo a lot better than the candidate. It’s a clean. simple design, and simple is something politicians hardly ever do! (Which reminds me, Rand Paul should fire his slogan writer.)
    I didn’t even think of right or left according to the political connotation. Time lines only go from right to left, the same direction English is read, the direction history proceeds, so I assumed it was meant to indicate “forward” or “onward”.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts on this! I actually agree that points are due on the basis of at least trying to think outside the box. It certainly doesn’t resemble any presidential campaign logo I’ve seen, like, ever. Where I disagree has to do with the political symbolism. You only mention the direction of the arrow, but that it’s a RED arrow, IMO, really compounds the direction of the arrow issue. Like I said, not everyone is likely to pick up on the symbolism, but a designer working on a presidential campaign absolutely must. I agree that the other way to interpret the arrow direction is as pointing forward, but to me that’s far overshadowed by the logo’s shortcomings.

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