Trader Joe’s = Genius

all-in-oneSo, I’m pushing my cart through Trader Joe’s, and I pass that aisle cap where they have their newest products displayed, where I always, initially and involuntarily, scan the shelves for anything with chocolate in it, and once I wrest my eyes from the package of Brownie Crisps, described as “a crispy, crunchy take on chocolate brownies”, and after taming my sweet tooth and resisting the temptation, because, after all, Brownie Crisps are incredibly counterintuitive, as everyone knows that people love brownies precisely due to their soft and chewy rather than crispy and crunchy consistency, when all of a sudden I notice the product you see in the photo here.


Listen, I know I’m not the only person who, while lathering up shampoo on one’s head, has had this series of thoughts:

  • Isn’t shampoo just soap for hair?
  • After all, it’s a substance that you use to clean something on your body.
  • And, if it can clean my hair, since I’ve got it right here above my face right now, can’t I just wash my face with it while I’m at it?
  • I mean, some of the shampoo is dripping down my face anyway, and it’s dripping down the back of my neck too! All I have to do is rub it in a bit and rinse, right?!
  • And, now that I think about it, this shampoo that I’m using has conditioner in it already, so if I could only use this shampoo to clean the rest of my body, all I would need is one frickin’ product in my shower!

Seriously, Trader Joe’s! Genius!

Now, to be fair, upon some light Googling, I’ve discovered that Trader Joe’s All for One — One for All is not the first product of it’s kind, but consider this:


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