Um…Hello? Is This Thing On?

Retro microphoneOver the 7 years I’ve been writing Fish & Bicycles, the two longest breaks I’ve taken from the blog have been sizeable, especially when you consider that normally I post at least once a week.

First, there was a planned hiatus from June 2013 thru November 2014, and today I emerge from an unplanned break of some months, not having posted anything since April 21, 2016.

Reasons for the breaks have been many, but mostly it’s a combination of a decline in inspiration to write, married with various life events that demand time and attention.

Fitting, then, having just returned from two weeks in Italy with my wife and 18-year old son, that this particular life event provided the inspiration I needed in order to make my way back to Fish & Bicycles!

I mean, how can you NOT be inspired by this?

Florence, the Arno River, Ponte Vecchio

I journaled a fair amount during the trip, and starting soon I’ll be posting a series of blog entries titled Notes From Italy.

So, cook up some pasta, pour yourself a glass of chianti, and enjoy!


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