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Fish & Bicycles is a general topics blog, written by Howard Muhlberg, and published out of Bellingham, Washington, USA.

No, not a blog ostensibly about Bellingham, although our fair hamlet is mentioned regularly. Think of it as the voice of someone from Bellingham, someone who writes about whatever strikes his fancy at any given moment, on any given day: current events, life experiences, art, design, music, film, theater, the written word, technology, travel, sustainability, spirituality, fatherhood, etc.

The title is not intended as a direct reference to the old feminist slogan, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.”

Rather, the author loves Fish & Bicycles for its wonderful Yin-Yang qualities and the fact that both fish (namely salmon) and bicycles (of all shapes and sizes) just happen to have a strong iconic presence in Bellingham.

Howard Muhlberg is an unapologetic English Major in the Garrison Keillor tradition, as well as a musician, husband (my lovely and talented wife’s Instagram), and father.

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Because Fish & Bicycles is an unpaid, part-time pastime, due to time constraints I am sadly unable to respond to every Comment, Like, and Follow I receive.

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