Sorry to start out the week on such a downer, but I just can’t hide my deep sadness at the relentless gun-violence madness in the news lately.

July 14, 2012

Father shoots 3-year old son, himself

Same exact day: July 14, 2012

Boy, 3, accidentally shoots, kills father in Indiana home after finding his loaded gun

July 20, 2012

Colorado shooting victims total 71, with 12 dead

If not madness, what else can this be?

Gun proponents, whether you’re shooting at animals that you intend to consume or paper targets at a range, how important is this pastime to you? Is it so important that you’d oppose gun control that could prevent senseless deaths of men, women and children?

How many accidental domestic gun deaths will it take before the lesson is learned that guns in our homes don’t necessarily make us safer, but rather, all too often, result in the antithesis of safety?

Given the oft-quoted definition of insanity, that it is marked by doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results, for the long-term survival of humanity, isn’t it about time that we try something different?

Isn’t it about time that we put down our guns and focus our attention on preservation rather than destruction?

Thoughts are with Norway


It’s easy to despair when something like this happens, when the ugliest of human behavior shows its terrible face, when religious and racial fanaticism explodes in unthinkable violence.

I usually resist despair in such times, with everything I can muster. And yet, right now, I don’t feel up to it. Right now I fear for the future of our species, the future of all beings, the future of my son.

And so, for now, I join the worldwide community of mourners, and I sit with feelings of deep sadness that such hatred exists, occasionally driving men to commit atrocities like this.