Being Sick Sucks, Revisited

(Since I’m bedridden by some bug or another, and consequently not feeling inspired to write anything new, I thought I’d re-post something from about four years ago on the topic of being sick. I did edit a bit, because I didn’t like the ending. Hopefully, I’ll be back with something new tomorrow.)

Seriously! Being sick really sucks.

When I was a kid, a sick day at least had a silver lining, it meant missing school. But now, every hour I miss at work is an hour I’m getting behind in my work.

I wrote back in August about how vacation is a double-edged sword, a badly needed break from the daily grind for sure, but that there’s often so much prep work to prepare for a vacation and so much catch-up work when you return, that the time off might not register as having been as relaxing and renewing as one would like.

Well, sick days are worse. There was no warning, no chance to prep, I’ll have tons of catch-up when I’m back at the office, AND I’m lying here in bed in physical distress.

I, of course, am very thankful that I have plenty of accrued sick leave and good health insurance. And so now, in addition to being sick, I feel guilty for complaining about being ill, while millions of people on this planet don’t have the luxury of calling in sick and getting paid for it; while millions of people don’t have any health insurance or access to adequate healthcare.

Being sick sucks, indeed, but for me and my fellow First Worlders, hopefully it engenders compassion for those less fortunate than us.

Tweet of the Day: @TheOnion

Just because I’m at work and feeling a little peckish, I decided to post this, today’s Tweet of the Day installment, at exactly 10:58 A.M.


Breakfast For The Mind

Work vs. Distraction

Tweet of the Day: @TheOnion

LOL! Seems to resonate somewhat with my post this morning.!/TheOnion/status/164775033930133504

Post-Vacation Syndrome…again

As I’ve written several times before — Trapped Under Something Heavy, The Double-Edged Sword of Vacation — coming back from a vacation, even when it’s just a four-day weekend, can unfortunately be a rude awakening.

Hundreds of unread emails, half a dozen voicemails, projects screaming to be attended to, and, this time of the year, with the university where I work preparing to begin it’s Fall Quarter in just a few weeks, each tick and tock of the clock feels like the pounding of a timpani.

So, I might not manage much more here at Fish & Bicycles today than this brief note, with links to my older posts on the subject.

Hopefully, starting tomorrow, I’ll be able to return to my normal blogging frequency.

Thanks for your patience!